Is God of War III: Remastered decent value at this price?

DS: We've come a long way from that ridiculous initial RRP for God of War III: Remastered on the PS4. Does this latest price finally make it worth the money though, or do you think it's worth waiting that little bit longer?

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Yi-Long1216d ago

I'm waiting for it to hit the 15€ mark before I get it. Seems like a good game, but I already have a big backlog so I can be patient with some games, like this one.

SlightlyRetarted1215d ago

GoW3 is a great game but their asking price was way too high. 15e is the sweet spot for me too.

1215d ago
SlightlyRetarted1215d ago


I agree. IMO PS Plus has been a huge dissapointment compared to the PS3 era plus. We haven't had pretty much any AAA games on plus. GoW3 could have been a plus game or -50% for plus members. Where are games like Metro Redux or Tomb Raider that are on sale for 10-15e every few months? One could think they would be cheap enough for Sony to pick up for plus. On PS3 we had Bioshock Infinite 9 months after release.

madmonkey011215d ago

i picked it up for £20, it was so long ago that i last played it i had forgotten a lot of it so it was worth the replay.

Grap1215d ago

Still too high. i will definitely buy it at 15$.

HarryMasonHerpderp1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

It should have been a collection of every God of war game. With a few added special features and sold for £40/$60. At the very least it should have been 1,2,3 and ascension. No idea why they just released GOW3 on its own other than they just wanted some quick easy cash.

1215d ago
kevnb1215d ago

It's an awesome game so yes of course it is, but I'm not sure if it's worth buying twice if you already had the last gen version.

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