GameSpy: Skate 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "Last year's Skate was a critical darling thanks to its fresh approach to skateboarding. Focusing more on the analog stick as a representation of your foot movement in real-life skating, Skate competed admirably with the long-time king of the hill Tony Hawk. Soaring on the back of this success, Skate 2 seems primed to demonstrate how just the slightest little tweak can not only result in one new trick, but an entire library of moves.

Skate 2 gives you the ability to grab the board whenever it's off the ground, which frees your feet to do whatever they please. The opportunities this new physics adjustment offers aren't instantly apparent, but because it can modify almost every trick available, it actually results in an exponential increase in variety. The most basic move that you can easily accomplish is a kind of pogo hop --once you've ollied into the air by flicking the right analog stick, you can reach down and grab the board while planting one foot on the ground and popping back into the air."

+Lots of new moves with minimal control alterations
+Move objects by hand
+Smooth animations at 60 FPS

-Even one more button to press to think about could make it impenetrably tough for newcomers

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