IGN: Braid Review

IGN writes: "Braid is the latest in a new movement towards innovation on Xbox Live Arcade. If you have longed for a time when arcade shooters and vision cam versions of strip Hold 'em weren't the only offerings on XBLA, then Braid may be your salvation. This strange, wondrous, puzzle/platformer hybrid isn't for everyone. Just the people who like to flex their brain power while holding a controller.

You play as Tim, an unlikely young hero, dressed in black suit and red power tie. Tim is searching for the Princess who has been abducted by a horrible creature. As we're told early on, "this happened because Tim made a mistake." The story, told in books that precede each of the worlds, is a fairy tale full of melancholy. It's unlike any story you'll see on XBLA, which is fitting as Braid is unlike any game on Xbox 360."

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