George C. Romero announces massively multiplayer open world zombie shooter Aftermath

George C. Romero, the son of the famed zombie film director George A. Romero, has thrown his hat in the open world zombie shooter ring with Aftermath.

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SeanScythe1119d ago

I hope one day someone perfects this sort of game. DayZ did pretty good but it has flaws.

Permedeath should be an option. How about when you die rather than starting all over you are respawned somewhere random with your stuff.? I got so tired of dying from a 5' fall or some guy sniping me from who knows where just to start all over again. I have a busy life and having to start all over again after investing hours into a character is not fun.

You can survive forever in the forest once you have the right tools. Zombies don't leave towns so you don't have to worry about a hoard or lone zombie walking up on you.

Head shots only for zombie kills with a gun, body or limbs shots should slow them down but not kill them.

I don't want to have to rebuild every car i find, make gas the resource you need to gather.

How about when you are bitten you have the option to die and become a zombie until killed or your game session ends.

JonahFalcon1119d ago

Well, this game seems to have anti-frustration features like safe zones, and PvP servers for the Rust crowd.

Timesplitter141119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Why anyone would play these games without PVP is completely beyond me. Might as well play soccer without a ball, because a ball means there's a possibility you could lose...

100% of the greatest and most intense experiences I've had in DayZ were PvP-related. So many people are missing out in those no-PvP no-fun servers. If there's no danger you could lose everything at any moment, I'm not interested.

Also, on topic, this game isn't looking too good. Looks like it was made in Second Life

Mega241119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Defeats the purpose of scavenging if you'll always have your "stuff" with you. I think a feature like that would break somewhat the immersion.

SeanScythe1116d ago

Doesn't defeat it it just makes it so that if you have several hour invested in a game you don't lose everything. You still need to gather supplies and equipment. Make weapons break down over time make food spoil. I would just hate to make it so far only to get killed by something stupid like a broken leg because I jumped from a 5' box.

Summons751119d ago

interesting....but do we really need more played out zombies?

itsjustexuma1119d ago

He's the father of zombies, I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing

Summons751119d ago

Which is why I said interesting....but that doesn't stop the fact zombies are played out and very boring at this point.

Palitera1119d ago

He's a son of the father of zombies.

GrimmQuiorra1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Someone didn't read the article...

..Or the sentence right under the headline.

Bathyj1119d ago

So he's a zombies brother?
And shouldn't it be George Junior'

JonahFalcon1119d ago

He's the son of the father of zombies, so zombies are his brothers!

Koopdogg1118d ago

Dude you talking about George A Romero

this is he his son George C Romero who's doing aftermath and it's basically the new War Z or infestation survivor stories.

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SeanScythe1116d ago

Must suck to have someone forcing you to play the games you don't like.

crazychris41241119d ago

I'll take another look at this game when its closer to release. Too much to play at the moment.

JonahFalcon1118d ago

I'm too busy right now with the R6: Siege beta.

ocelot071118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Aftermath? Am in a beta of a zombie game open world game called Aftermath.

It is made by the same people who made WarZ (Infestation).

Edit: After actually reading it. It is in fact the same game.

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