Driving a monster truck through the streets in The Crew: Wild Run looks like this

TeamVVV writes: "Ivory Tower have released some gameplay footage of The Crew's Wild Run expansion showing a monster truck driving through the streets of the US and smashing through a police roadblock.

Looking at the footage leaves me somewhat disappointed, as much as I love the idea of driving these massive monsters through the streets it would have been nice to see the monster truck actually drive over the police cars instead of through them."

Unleash the monster on the roads of the US this November in The Crew Wild Run! #NeverDriveAlone

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eklektic1120d ago

I was hoping they would have fixed the physics but it looks just as arcade/stiff as it has been. That truck should have made a ramp out of those cop cars instead of the physics making the truck tires into concrete.

crazychris41241120d ago

Would have been nice to flatten cop cars