IGN: Kirby Super Star Ultra Update Preview

IGN writes: "Next month Kirby returns to the DS in a remake of the Super Nintendo game Kirby Super Star. The Ultra version adds wireless multiplayer and co-op play and adapts some of the controls for the touch screen. On offer are six short platform adventures and three multiplayer-focused mini-games. We've played through the first platformer, Spring Breeze, and the mini-games.

"Breeze" is right -- we beat this one in about ten minutes. Of course, it's meant to ease the player into Kirby Super Star. There are four short stages, each lasting a couple minutes: Green Greens, Float Islands, Bubbly Clouds, and Mt. Dedede. Action unfolds on the top screen while the bottom displays your energy level, remaining lives, and the current stage. Double jumping allows Kirby to float, and the L and R buttons block attacks. Our hero can go underwater, and when he does he snorkels with a face mask and breathing tube. Little details like these give Kirby Super Star Ultra a lot of character."

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