Michael J. Fox is back as Marty McFly, in LEGO form

It's been 30 years since Michael J. Fox first embodied Marty McFly, but the actor still has the pipes for the part. Fox is voicing the LEGO McFly in video game LEGO Dimensions, which hits stores September 27.

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Kalebninja1741d ago

My respect for this game skyrocketed.

Eidolon1741d ago

Wow, lots of big names voicing, interesting.

ironcrow23861741d ago

always a joy seeing MJF doing what he does best..wonder of chris Lloyd will join in??

icerob1741d ago

did you forget to read the article?

"The game features 14 different entertainment brands (including Back to the Future), and plenty of familiar voices. Some other actors who reprised their movie roles for the game include Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown"

ironcrow23861741d ago

I may have just glossed over but thank you for rectifying it :)

rainslacker1740d ago

Happy to see that. Always like MJF. The guy who did the TellTale BTTF game did a great job with the voice, so thought they would go with him for this game, but glad to see MJF doing it instead.