UGO: Resident Evil 5 Interview

UGO writes: "Rusty and I recently had a chance to double up and corner Jun Takeuchi, Resident Evil 5 producer and real-life machine gun extraordinaire (I've watched him unload an entire mp5 clip with flawless precision) and ask him a few questions about his next entry in the RE franchise. Did our co-operative effort slay his oftentimes-elusive responses? Was he inspired by our teamwork? Which one of us would he cast as Chris to leave the other as Sheva? The answers, they lie beyond…

Rusty: How much of Resident Evil 4 did you want to incorporate into RE5 and how much did you feel needed to be updated for this latest version?

Takeuchi: When we first set out to develop the game, RE4 was not only a great game but had a great system at the core of the game. We definitely knew that we didn't want to change that system radically, we wanted to the same core system in RE5. So that was the base that we started on and we started thinking, "What new elements can we bring to that? What new elements can we improve to make it a more complete experience." For example, the co-op mode and brining all of those elements together to create an improved, refined, and evolved version of RE4."

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