Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Review – Tantalizing Beat ‘Em Up Boob Fest Falls Short | COG

COG writes: If you are a fan of the franchise, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson will be right up your alley but the rest of us may want to avoid the repetitive gameplay and weird elements.

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GrapesOfRaf1120d ago

Goddamnit... did this really have to be made?

generalwinter1120d ago

Somehow I think the makers of these kinds of games aren't concerned about bad reviews, they're playing to a small niche that buys them regardless of how bad they are.

OhMyGandhi1120d ago

I am all for some Boob 'Em Ups.

ZaWarudo1120d ago

I want Estival Versus already.