Destiny: A Year Older, A Year Wiser

It may have taken a whole year but Destiny is finally getting closer to the game we all hoped it would be. Callum gives his analysis of the changes that have come to Bungie's ambitious shooter. Is it worth playing now?

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ZeroSkerbo1746d ago

I couldn't be more on the fence with this one... Do I really want to jump back on the horse a month before Halo 5 and Fallout?

callumjack1746d ago

It's an investment, there's a lot of content that you'll actually want to play, and I haven't even begun to enjoy the new MP mode

ChouDa1746d ago

Hmmm content I actually want to play. I have been eyeing this pretty hard this month.

Halo2ODST21746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

TTTK is great and all that, it really is fun, But MP is still the same, Hawkmoon & Shotgun is Destiny MP, Hawkmoon was only sold earlier this day, now everyones (on Xbox) using it in MP already, it really is pathetic, if Thorn & TLW weren't bad enough, then they got nerfed, Hawkmoon is still a weapon that noobs only use, same with shotguns, I can't stand crucible, either getting 1 shotted by shotgun, or Supers, or actually engaing in a firefight with an enemy, but they end up spamming Hawkmoon because they're that pathetic they can't use any other guns than what is Overpowered at the time, jees, there are a lot of Lifeless people on Destiny's multiplayer, who can't get any kills other than spamming 1 hit kills -

shocked6861746d ago

So tough with so many good games around the corner but it looks like it's worth another shot once the holiday season passes

ninsigma1746d ago

I would decide between fallout and destiny to be honest. Halo you can play alongside either of them but it would be tough putting the effort into both fallout and destiny at the same time and you may end up shelving one for ages. I'd pick one play till you're done then if you still want the other one it'll probably be discounted by then.

SeanScythe1746d ago

I just got it and it's much much better than the beta and original game. I played the beta and borrowed the game from a friend but didn't like it at all. Seemed repetitive and dull, but the new stuff and story is a lot better.

the_hitman30001746d ago

Same here. I liked it at first. Then I got sick of it and then got ttk and I'm really enjoying

Flyingdog6701746d ago

Some friends convimced me to jump back in, to be honest I did really like the game when i first got it, put a good amount of hours in to it too. I just dropped off when the first DlC came out though, don't remember why. Oh well, kinda excited to play again now with all of it together (Bought the Legendary Edition)

spunnups1746d ago

New DLC worth $40? I have the other two, but it's tough convincing myself, that after spending $60 on the original game, plus $40 for the last two dlc's combined, that I should dump another $40 into this game.

B_Rickaby1746d ago

I'm the same way. Is the game really worth $140 or did I get screwed out of my money for buying it at release?

shocked6861746d ago

Just think of it like an MMORPG releasing expansions. You'll still feel bitter but it will dull the pain.

Halo2ODST21746d ago

Shocked - Comparing Destiny DLC to MMORPG expansions doesn't justify their behavior with TDB & HOW or price

maybelovehate1746d ago

Probably worth it to be honest. I already have close to 100 hours into The Taken King. Which is a lot more than I get out of most full games.