4 Franchises That are Begging to be Made into RPGs

Adam from GamersFTW writes "What better way to explore a rich world or environment than through an RPG. Here's four Franchises I'd happily spend a weekend Power-Leveling through."

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Yukes1171d ago

I'd love a Batman RPG from the point of view of the villains. The Bat is awesome, don't get me wrong, but how brilliant would it be to rise up as one of The Joker's henchman to become a kingpin of crime yourself? I dare say you could ultimately even mutiny against the Clown Prince of Crime himself :)

Yi-Long1171d ago

Anime like Dragon Ball and Naruto are made for RPG style games. Always gaining more powers to combat more and better bosses. The first Dragon Ball anime also really had that adventure aspect nailed down.

c00lvilKid691171d ago

So much potential for a Harry Potter RPG. I always talk about how good it would be. Jeremy Soule for the soundtrack too.

lordmiffter1171d ago

God this needs to happen, the lore alone is making me salivate.

Yukes1171d ago

I genuinely can't stand Harry Potter but this still sounds epic. Mind you John Williams didn't do a terrible job with the score for the films...

XxNxWxOxX1171d ago

My thoughts exactly! Never really got into the Harry Potter story, but an RPG sounds like it would be amazing

MrsNesbitt1171d ago

I choked on my butter beer! You can't stand potter? My god...

GamerGabs1171d ago

Surprised that you only named four franchises, there are so many that would work! I loved the Harry Potter games when I was younger (still get them out every now and then). A more personal experience of the world could indeed work well, maybe that will happen with the new film coming out in the future.

scarecrow20141171d ago

Loving the Bzatman idea. Could definately work in a game. Shane Gotham isn't all it should be right now. Hopefully season 2 gets better

Shillmeister1171d ago

Harry Potter is an amazing shout! A Transformers RPG would have awesome potential, in similar line of that could possibly do Pacific Rim? Work your way up to upgrade your mech and fight gradually harder Kaiju across the world, etc.

So many potential franchises that could get the RPG treatment, but would require massive work to satisfy and meet expectations.

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The story is too old to be commented.