Review – Should you buy Destiny: The Taken King?

Patrick Garratt:

"You will find glory, fear, endless thrill and true camaraderie here if you choose to seek it. Dust yourself off and get back to the future, Guardian. The war against the Darkness has never been more exciting."

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bangoskank1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

My old copy of Destiny automatically upgraded to Taken King for free. Was that supposed to happen? Not complaining. The game is awesome but thought I'd have to pay for that.

Taero1120d ago

Well, you'll see all the new changes/adds etc. but I'm pretty sure you're not running the missions...The login screen will say TTK etc. but if you didn't have that massive 16gb patch you wouldn't be able to see everyone who had the DLC.

bangoskank1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Ah... I figured. Thanks for clearing that up. I jumped back in after a year of not playing and was completely baffled by the changes, particularly the Ghost's voice. I started from scratch and it was totally worth it.

S2Killinit1120d ago

Its the right time to jump in if you havent yet because Bungie has pretty much brought a whole new group of weapons and armour that make the old ones obsolite. You would be playing on even ground with the other players. Is the game good? You dont know what you have been missing. Best online experience of them all.

Tiqila1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

If you can not put that much time into an MMO, would you still recommend giving Destiny a shot? Thats basically my only concern, the game looked interesting from the beginning and now seems to have improved in almost any regard...

Is it still fun when playing single player or with random people only?

dangert121120d ago

Yes I would the reason the level cap on Destiny is so low is because bungie have stated they want everyone to be powerful...

Compared to before they are throwing rewards left right and centre. Back in the day it was the vets with the best gear now they made them obselete and are pretty much handing that stuff out so the new guys are on an even playing field.

UnHoly_One1120d ago

To me it depends on what kind of person you are.

If you are the type that has to have the best of everything, and you can't stand seeing other people running around with stuff you can't get, then it might be a little rough for you.

That is part of what got me to quit a year ago. I got to the point where the only thing I didn't have was all the Raid gear, and I didn't have a team to run the Raid with, so it was out of my reach. And it bugged me that all of that stuff was essentially "locked away" from me.

But if you aren't obsessive compulsive with stuff like that the way I am, then you'll get a ton of fun out of it, regardless of the amount of time you put in.

maybelovehate1120d ago

Definitely. It isn't a race. Take your time, play when you can. The Raids are really the only content that you need to set hours aside to complete. I do recommend that you try to set some time aside to do them once you are of level though!

Tetsujin1120d ago

I quit Destiny back Dec of 2014 when TDB released and to this day still haven't looked back. Bungie lost me as a customer when I realized the game is cut up and released as "paid" expansions. I've spent less money on better experiences since (Warframe being a big one).

Did I enjoy Destiny? At the time yes. Will I return? No. Why? There's better experiences for less money and headache.

maybelovehate1120d ago

Warframe is awesome. But I haven't played it since Taken King came out.

PSIN4MANT1120d ago

What you played, and what exists now, are two completely different animals, and you can thank Activision for the shell of a game, wasn't bungies decision.

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