If You Never Played 'Skate,' Should You Care About 'Skate 2'?

MTV's Patrick Klepek writes:

"I haven't played more than five minutes of Electronic Arts' highly praised "Skate."

Being the only reporter for MTV Multiplayer in San Francisco, I'm used to seeing many games in genres unfamiliar to me. "Skate" is in that pile.

Yet I found myself at EA's coming out event for "Skate 2? last Thursday. I'd loaded up the demo for "Skate" just minutes before walking out the door. I barely made it through the tutorial.

Given that, if you (like me) haven't played "Skate," should "Skate 2? be on your radar? Absolutely. We both probably should have played "Skate," anyway.

Here's what matters and what doesn't about the new game…"

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VampHuntD4324d ago

My guess is no. I don't really play skating games as a whole so I guess that makes sense.

Rhezin4323d ago

Its a chill game can't wait for #2 but whats the release date