343 has started on Halo 6 and knows "what’s going to happen 10 years from now"


"Halo 5 isn't even here yet and 343 already has a foothold in the next game. In an upcoming Golden Joysticks Halo 5 special, 343's Frank O’Connor and Bonnie Ross talk about the future of the series, including talk of a "fictional foundation" for the next 20 years. That's a lot of Master Chief."

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XBLSkull1216d ago

If you know what is going to happen 10 years out, you can safely say work has begun on the next 3-4 Halo games.

ScorpiusX1216d ago

Or they have added what will happen to the Halo Bible which was inherited from bungie and safe keeps everything halo .

AngelicIceDiamond1216d ago

Halo overload. Man I wish 343i would do something different. True talented devs branch off and attempt something new. Not saying they aren't talented but challenging themselves wouldn't hurt.

XBLSkull1216d ago

Lol, 343i was created purely for Halo dude, do you not know the 343 reference in the name of the studio? It was built to carry the Halo torch and nothing else, developers can always move around if they want to.

There isn't anything wrong with having the story for the next 10 years out, but if the story is included in the games I'm not wrong, story is a part of those games.

Docknoss1216d ago

It means the story has been written. The deployment of halo 6 won't happen until after halo 5.

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spicelicka1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Halo 6 > Halo 5 > Halo 4 > Halo 3 > Halo 2 > Halo 1 > > Halo 0 > Halo -1 > Halo -2 > Halo -3 > Halo -4 > Halo -5 > Halo -6

Nivekki1216d ago

Serious trolling going on here. I wonder if it actually gets marked as such.

spicelicka1216d ago

^No what was trolling was the comment I replied to. What does Halo 6 > Halo 5 even mean?

Is he saying halo halo 6 will be better (which it obviously should be), when he literally hasn't even played halo 5...or halo 6?

Or is he just saying that halo 5 is so bad that halo 6 will obviously be better...when it hasn't even been made?

Either way it's a ridiculous comment.

Erik73571216d ago

I actually think they will ditch master chief and focus more on characters such as arbitor or locke.

Half the campaign you don't even play as master chief for halo 5 honestly.

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OpieWinston1216d ago

For anyone who doesn't know... The Halo lore is pretty deep and has a lot to explore. I do hope that they follow the "Precursor Return" after the Forerunners have returned in the Reclaimer saga.

Halo trilogy would turn into a "Reaper Mass Effect" event and be Epic.

Frinker1216d ago

Thanks for the spoilers mate

OpieWinston1216d ago

Not a spoiler... Forerunners have been in Halo since beginning. Precursors are their creators.

This is established in the books and has been around for a long time.

TwoForce1216d ago

The game is not even out until next month and now you already started to develop another one.What the heck ?

boodi1216d ago

usually when devs develope a game some ideas at a point are stored aside , for some reasons, to be implemented eventually in a follow up

TwoForce1216d ago

Oh, i see. Thank you for information.

HaMM4R1216d ago

Its a pretty common practice. When a game like halo 5 is like 95% done why would you focus all of a team on one project when most of the people aren't really needed to finish up the work. There will still be a portion of the team working on halo 5, just the rest will move on to something more productive.

AnotherProGamer1216d ago


the artists, modelers, animators,mo-cap actors, and many other developers have done their jobs and are done so its up to the programmers and coders to make sure its all polished up for release

Septic1216d ago

Common sense prevails!

Multiplatguy1216d ago

Did you just read the title? Try reading the article.

They have already started some planning and writing of Halo 6. Which is true for a lot of games in franchises. Bungie would have been planning and writing for Halo 3 before Halo 2 was finished. And had done much of the same for Destiny when they made ODST, they still made Reach before Destiny actually started production though.

Plus Halo 5 has went Gold this week with the size being finalized. What else would the writers and artists do with their work being over a long time ago?

UnHoly_One1216d ago


The writers and artists and such don't just magically become coders at the end of the dev cycle when they are polishing up the game.

And they obviously aren't writing anything new or designing anything new to be added at this point, so why WOULDN'T they be working on the next thing?

Sciurus_vulgaris1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I personally would like this studio to make other games in addition to Halo. They are a big studio with a lot of veteran talent. I think 343i would be a good choice for a perfect dark reboot.

Paytaa1216d ago

I've been wanting this for some time now. 343 has a lot of talented people and I would love for at some point create a new IP or like you said work on a new Perfect Dark. I just think Microsoft has 343 exclusively doing Halo and nothing else hence the name and importance of Halo to the Xbox brand.

RiseofScorpio1216d ago

I like that but 343 was created to continue Halo. The people there joined to make Halo.

aviator1891216d ago

As long as the team remains passionate about Halo, they'll continue on.
But even if they were to take a break from halo and work on something else, it'd probably be an original IP.

nosferatuzodd1216d ago

Shhh are you crazy you'll die for talking like that just smile and say halooooo lol

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