Driveclub Getting a New Mobile App, Lots of Trophies and Private Lobbies After Big October Update

Driveclub will be getting a new mobile app soon, though the original one still hasn't released. October's update will also bring private lobbies and there's talk of a drag-racing style track being made for speed-freaks.

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crazychris41241214d ago

Would rather have a huge oval track than a drag strip.

chrish19901214d ago

id just be happy with longer tracks that allow casual races, like a good 15 minute run

medman1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Not me my man...I would much rather they give us a nice, two or three mile long straight so we can take every car up to their top speed...that would be incredible. The braking in Driveclub isn't exactly realistic, so unfortunately bringing the cars down from top speed won't be anything special, but getting to top speed certainly would be. First run? For me, Koenigsegg One:1

bouzebbal1214d ago

this game keeps getting better and better. yesterday i checked since the platinum trophy i got i'm pointing at 24% completion with the platinum trophy. Gives you an idea how much they have been supporting it post release.

DialgaMarine1214d ago

This is most definitely one of the most heavily supported games ever released. All this new content, and not even a year since release.

Ron_Danger1214d ago

Lol totally agree! I'm at around 35% trophies with the Platinum! It's one of those games where you sit down with the mindset of doing a race or two and you end up losing your night trying to get an extra 100 points on a drift challenge. Just wish the elite level time trials were a little easier. I'm stuck on lvl 63. That Audi time trial on the one reverse Scotland track is giving me trouble.

KionicWarlord2221214d ago

A whole entire year just for private lobbies.

Its pretty crazy when you think about it.

DialgaMarine1214d ago ShowReplies(1)
XabiDaChosenOne1214d ago

Well the weather patch on driveclub was free, the weather patch for forza 5 cost 60 dollars in the form of forza 6 and still doesnt hold a candle to driveclubs. Unless you enjoy scripted puddle effects.

DialgaMarine1214d ago

@KionicWarlord222 When you say "just", you are implying that is the only thing that we received this year. It's not really a subscription service if most of it comes in the form of free updates. The point is that the core DriveClub games was complete, and by no means a bad game; it just had it's share of online issues. Evolution, despite all the media backlash, has taken the time to give the game some heavy support and turned it into a much better product.

x_RadicalAura_x1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Say what you will about Driveclub, but this game has gotten more post-launch support than the vast majority of other video games nowadays. Only other one I can think of off the top of my head that comes anywhere close is The Witcher 3.

WickedLester1214d ago

Other than the private lobbies, I feel like all of these updates are getting into an order of diminishing returns. Evolution needs to announce a Season 2 with new tracks/locations.

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