UGO: PixelJunk Eden review

UGO writes: "Developer Q-Games' PlayStation Network-exclusive PixelJunk Eden defies any easy explanation. There's physics-based platforming, puzzle-solving, 2D arcade action, calming techno music, artful visuals, integrated UGC features, co-op play, Trophies… a veritable smorgasbord of pleasing elements which combine together into our latest obsession. And it all boils down to building your own, personal Garden of Eden.

After PixelJunk Eden loads up, players are immediately deposited in a small 2D garden populated by plant- and rock-shaped silhouettes in different colors. This area serves as both a home base and a central hub for accessing additional gardens, 10 of them in all. Though initially somewhat bare, completing goals in each of the game's 10 gardens causes additional plants to grow in the central hub."

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Light Yagami4392d ago

This game is amazing and really innovative. You dont need some damn wiimote to be innovative.

The Wood4392d ago

is that true.

PJE is confusingly fun though. I purchased it the day it came out

antoinetm4392d ago

Pixeljunk should make a more hardcore version of their tower defense.