Valve's Lombardi Talks Potential Acquisitions, EA's 'Boogeyman'

If anyone is interested in acquiring Valve, VP Doug Lombardi is "happy to have that conversation," he told Gamasutra in a recent interview.

"By the same token, the company's doing pretty well, and we're really happy with what we're doing," he added.

"So we'll see. I mean, anything is possible."

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Dream Machine3816d ago

Well duh, I don't doubt they'd love Microsoft to purchase them. They've already laid the groundwork with the whole 'LOLZ, WE HATEZ TEH PS3' rhetoric.

killax35633816d ago

And then they should make Gabe Newell read manuals on how to program for the ps3 as torture.

deeznuts3816d ago

Actually, Gabe secretly wishes to be acquired by ... Hostess in an all-stock deal.

But this isn't an all-stock deal that you would be accustomed to. Gabe requested that he be bought out with all the twinkie stock Hostess has.

Overr8ed3816d ago

haha Deeznuts bubbles for you.

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Domenikos3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Play games...
Have a decent hardware (for playing of course)...
Not pirates....

And why would u exclude a 14.4 millions userbase??? that drops great revenues to developers (EA).

Benefit>Cost and dont do it = Morons

Tacki3816d ago

Valve should just do PC and PS2 games. I mean that console has what... 140 million user base? Pfft... those morons at Valve.

JsonHenry3816d ago

Of course he is happy to have a conversation with anyone trying to buy him out! Why?

Because they talk about it over dinner!

Armyless3816d ago

Bubbles for you my friend, loved the chuckle. :)

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3816d ago

i think MS would be perfect to buy them. Steam would give a big boost to GFW and making Halflife exclusive would be big also, but i believe the biggest benefit would be steam.

DA_SHREDDER3816d ago

What other games have valve made, I cant recall any game they made worth even talking about?

Overr8ed3816d ago

left 4 dead... umm well that's it.

Bigrhyno3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Portal, Counter-Strike (not technically made by them, but who cares it's their property now), Team Fortress(2), Day of Defeat (see Counter-Strike). On top of that they made steam, the best digital distribution software on the market. And add all those custom mods, and full games, people have made on the source engine, I would say Valve has done quite a bit.

morganfell3816d ago

Since they already have an agreement with EA that would be the likely party. I can't wait to see Gabe's face when he is forced to shut his fat trap. Odds say he will just take a cash and stock option and leave.

cmrbe3816d ago

that is what i was thinking about as well. Gabe has been singing EA praises lately.

Overr8ed3816d ago

EA would most likey buy Valve. If course Mircosoft would put a offer to acquire them so then the can build its 1st party. but i have a good feeling EA is going to get Valve.

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The story is too old to be commented.