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You win some, you lose some. Not just an adage about taking the good with the bad, it seems to be the only way to describe the ups and downs of NBA 2K16.

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moonstormer1121d ago

the game really is fun... when you actually get to play basketball instead of watching Spike Lee stroke his own ego.

iceman061121d ago

I don't know when this review was done. But, as of the games actual launch, I have seen very few people have issues with the online. Sure, the hour after launch was a bit iffy. But, much like most games, it seemed to level out pretty well. Most people are reporting "less lag to none" depending on who you speak to. (which is a rarity for 2K in basketball)
All I really care about is whether or not it plays a really good game of basketball. Does it emulate the game that we see on TV?
Either way, my copy is on the way in about 2 hours. So, I shall see.

XanderZane1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Gotta pick up my copy today. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this review. I hope the game is good. 2K Sports servers have always been a joke. I don't like that you have to access their servers to play some of the modes. That's just dumb. I noticed in NBA 2K15 if you play the GM mode first, you can get lots of VC points throughout the season. Once you do that, then go and play the Career mode and you can use all those VC point to beef your career player skills. I'm assuming it will be the same way in NBA 2K16 as well. I wouldn't waste any REAL money buying VC points. If you pre-ordered the game, you'll get a few thousand VC points anyways.