Hardware Review – ZX Spectrum Vega

I’ve been interested in getting my hands on the ZX Spectrum Vega since its conception a year or so ago. I’ve been a ZX Spectrum user since the early 1980’s, my first Sinclair product was the ZX81, then I went straight to the hard-shelled 48K and moved to the 128K with the heat-sink screwed to the side. Inside my head there is a corner reserved as a shrine to the Vitamin D suppressing machine and when the Vega was announced I wanted to know more and I’ll be honest I was a little wary of it.

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heedstone1146d ago

Really tempted by one of these. I miss rubber keys...

Villordsutch1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

You get 4 Rubber keys plus a thousand games inc. Atic Attack, the Monty Mole Saga and a truck load of other classics :D