I Know That Voice: Meet The Trans Voice Actress from Red Dead Redemption

HuffPost: Owner and operator of, professional transgender voice actress Casey Mongillo oversees a fan base with hundreds of thousands of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts. If you play video games, you might recognize her voice best from titles like Heroes of Newerth, The Ship, Star Trek Online, or the Red Dead Redemption series. Her website, which offers tips for players of the controversial video game Grand Theft Auto has been up and running since 2001, with a facebook page holding a little over three hundred and eighty five thousand followers. Mongillo has since maintained a plush relationship with Rockstar Games, and sings praises for the brand despite initial criticisms GTA V faced upon release from several liberal media outlets. I sat down with Mongillo, for a back and forth.

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Null1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Not to sound like I'm not with the "moving forward and everyone is acceptable" movement, but, Pozzle, you're the only one who ever submits these articles here and they always get the same negative responses, so why do it? what kind of agenda are you really pushing, user? *This is how lost its account and bubbles**

Anthotis1214d ago

It's your standard SJW vomit.

And if such a worthless article has to be published about this guy Casey, it should read voice "actor" not "actress".

Can't have a male actress.

sorceror1711214d ago

If it's not your thing... why are you even posting? Let alone dropping bubbles? I mean, you've gone beyond disinterest to active hostility.

I mean, I've got no use for most multiplayer games, I'm mostly single-player. But I don't vote down or hate on COD and such. Why do you even *care*, let alone care that much?

Null1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Nice strawman attempt, and you're not going to get me as there is zero hate/active hostility my comment, but instead a simple question. If you cannot answer my question, why post? A reach for bubbles? I mean, I've got no use for most online-only multiplayer games, I'm mostly single-player, but, I don't vote down or hate on things I don't like and such. Why do you even *care*, let alone care that much?

sorceror1711213d ago

I'm not the one you asked the question of, so my answer isn't relevant. But I understand - *you* can ask about people's motivations, but no one else can ask about *yours*. I'll make a note of it, I promise. My apologies, I just didn't know the rules. :-)

wck1214d ago

The internet hates her!

DiaperFace1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Him (can't change those chromosomes), but yes.

@GzusKreist: Lol can't tell if you're trolling or dumb. Facts can't love nor hate. A dog is a dog, it cannot be a turtle. A man is a man, it cannot be a woman. A white is a white, it cannot be black. These are universal laws. They are objective. They are facts. PERIOD.

scark921214d ago

I do agree, but if they want me to identify them with the gender I have no problem doing so, but Biologically speaking it is impossible for humans.

Gh05t1214d ago

I love how I get called a science denier for not agreeing with the "human" caused "climate change."

Yet these people get away with defying science and the same group celebrate them. Baffles me everytime.

wck1213d ago

Why does it so bother you to call this person what they want to be called? Marshall Mathers tells everyone to call him Eminem, we call him Eminem. Sean Combs tells us to call him P Diddy, then just Diddy, then changes it back to P Diddy again, and we all go along with it and call him whatever he wants. We constantly do this with who knows how many people. We just call them whatever they want to be called. Then someone wants to be called she instead of he and everyone loses their minds. Give me a break. It has nothing to do with "facts are facts." It's just that you hate trans people and while you'll give other people a pass, calling them whatever they want to be called, you won't call this person what they want to be called because you don't like their kind. Stop hiding and just admit your true intentions.

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DiaperFace1213d ago

LMFAO, grasp for those straws, buddy. Name changes aren't the same thing as changing species, sex, and race. If you are named Bill and want me to call you Will then that is reasonable. If you want me to call you a native American female leopard then you are insane.

GzusKreist1214d ago

The Huffington Post is complete garbage pushing their totalitarian agenda disguised as "diversity". Site is complete rubbish.

JohnathanACE1213d ago

It's also funny how a site claims to be about "diversity" hates straight, white men. Just another liberal rag.

Sly-Lupin1213d ago

I know, right? Straight white men have to deal with so much bigotry every single day. Makes me sick how no one ever bothers to sympathize with our plight.

JohnathanACE1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


Oh so you you were being serious, what a shame. And yes they are being persecuted. SJW are worse bullies them the supposed bullies they claim to fight. Do feminists fight for equity for women raped and mistreated in the Middle East? No they would rather attack a man for his shirt. They say they want equality for men and women but do they ever bring up that men have the highest suicide rates and that most homeless people are men? No?

"Random people bitching about other random people on the Internet is not nor will it ever be persecution."

Except these people don't just complain and will actually have peoples lives ruined and get people fired or dox them because of their opinions. In Canada a man was arrested for disagreeing with a feminist.

So tell me again how these people are oppressed while they bully everyone around them and demand to be MORE equal than everyone else?

"You've got one hell of a complex, pal"

You have a hell of a SJW crybaby complex pal.

JohnathanACE1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not but yes straight white men do have to deal with a lot of bigotry every single day. SJW and liberal sites/news outlets are constantly attacking us. Just recently a nut job feminist actually wrote an article saying all men should be put in concentration camps.

There are tons of other examples of feminists and leftists saying similar things and even more left wing sjw applauding it. So if you are not being sarcastic I urge you to do some research and learn why straights, whites and men think they're under attack (hint it's because we are).

Sly-Lupin1213d ago

...Not sure if serious, or just very, very stupid.

Random people bitching about other random people on the Internet is not nor will it ever be persecution. You've got one hell of a complex, pal.

Skate-AK1214d ago

Professional trans-gender voice actress? Why not just say professional voice actress? Article reeks of agenda.

sorceror1711214d ago

But your comment is completely agenda-free, of course. :-)

madjedi1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

And I thought we were supposed to judge a person based on their merits or achievements not on their gender, race, religion ect.

Do they present Nolan North as a straight white male voice actor or do they merely say he is a voice actor.

If you want equality your going to have to give up the I am a member of a special group.

I am confused aren't we all supposed to be equal as humans or are certain groups still put on a pedastool.

Why is the left so utterly obsessed with everything but the person underneath the skin.

If you want to be treated like everyone else stop going out of your way to draw attention to what makes you different than everyone else.

Equality means you're group is as equally unimportant the next one, enjoy it.

sorceror1711213d ago

majedi - Notice that you're doing something rather different from Skate-AK. You are objecting to the *content* of an "agenda". Skate-AK was objecting to having an "agenda" in the first place - which is self-defeating, since objecting is, itself, an agenda.

Not that there aren't answers to your objections - for example, you can *aim* for people to be treated equally, but acknowledge that people *aren't yet* treated equally. There's no contradiction there.

One way of getting to the point where people are treated equally is to point out cases where people who *aren't* treated equally nevertheless manage to do something they aren't "supposed" to be able to do. It became rather harder to claim that black people couldn't handle combat after the story of the Tuskegee Airmen came out.

You don't have to agree, of course. But at least don't pretend that nobody's ever encountered your point.

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