Top 5 Girls in Gaming

GE writes: "Girls. They’re wonderful. I am one. It’s great.
Moving on, girls have been getting larger and better roles in video games as of late, and it’s an awesome trend. Whether they’re the supporting role or the main character, there’s no doubt that they’ve been getter better, stronger, and more complex. So, to celebrate, I’m creating this top 5."

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yeahright21118d ago

Glad to see Ellie and Ciri on there. a little disappointed at no Leliana, but more than adequate substitues in her stead.

gangsta_red1117d ago

Ciri was bad ass, the next Witcher should just be all about her.

DualWielding1117d ago

Bad list, where's Gravity Rush's Kat

yeahright21117d ago

Not popular enough would be my guess. Hell, I've had that game ever since I got my vita and I have yet to even boot it up.
Backlogs are a horrible thing.

The_GameBolt1117d ago

Nice list! Especially liked your points about Ellie.

slappy5081117d ago

I'm hoping you get to play as Ciri in one of the expansions

yeahright21117d ago

I'm thinking a safer bet would be her being star from here on.

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The story is too old to be commented.