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Until Dawn is as intense as a scary horror film which makes it the scariest game you are likely to ever play, although it is not just a series of jump scares as there are relatable characters which players will become increasingly invested in as the story progresses who are all brought to life by an incredibly talented cast.

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Justiceleague1211d ago

The best horror game this year!!

the_hitman30001211d ago

I haven't gotten this yet but the response is getting me more interested. I liked Heavy Rain so is the gameplay any different or is it pretty much the same?

Gamist2dot01211d ago

It's quite the same except it's pretty intense when you have to hide from the killer or other tough decisions.

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snoopgg1210d ago

Have you ever played that old horror game called clocktower on the ps1? Is this game intense like that one. That game made me sweat shit bullets for Christ sake!

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S2Killinit1211d ago

This game set a pretty high standard for the rest this year.

Nivekki1211d ago

Still need to get this.

SolidGear31211d ago

Yes you do. I got the platinum a couple weeks ago. Fantastic game!

ocelot071211d ago

Still a title I need to pick up.

BlackTar1871211d ago

Do so because it's worth the price of admission. Solid game but i recommend only playing at night.

ocelot071211d ago

Planning on buying it and playing it on Halloween night.

FullmetalRoyale1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Yep. Gonna play that and Costume Quest 2(finally!). On Halloween eve, and on the actual day/night.