Star Wars Battlefront release woes on the horizon?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Do players have to start worrying about the quality of Star Wars Battlefront when it releases this November and does the claim that the game is broken hold any merit, or is it the dark side of the force at work?"

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HanCilliers1172d ago

Isn't the purpose of the alpha to find these issues? A better test would be to see how the open beta performs.

Sillicur1172d ago

Exactly, i think saying that the game will be broken because of an alpha test experience is foolish, thats what alphas are there for

Immorals1172d ago

The game is pretty close to release, the alpha being buggy this late in development is slightly concerning. Let's just hope it's an old build!

CorndogBurglar1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I don't believe that the guy that claimed this ever mentioned WHEN he played this alpha build. How do we know it wasn't an early alpha build from months ago?

I'll hold judgement for the beta. If that has issues, then yes, i'll begin worrying. But i'm certainly not going to freak out because some guy claims to be a tester and also claims that he played an alpha build version of the game at some vague time that was never mentioned.

Does EA have a history of releasing games too early with issues? Yes. But they've also released more games without issues. People are only worried because of BF4 and AC Unity. They have a reason to be a little worried by that because those are the latest big games EA has come out with. So I get that. But lets not jump the gun here because of some guy no one has ever heard of making claims that no one really has any details of.

wakeNbake1172d ago

I certainly hope not, that would really tarnish Dice's reputation, but its possible since EA is obviously rushing it out for the movie/holidays.

Roccetarius1172d ago

Dice's reputation has already been tarnished beyond repair. That's kinda what happens when EA absorbs you.

pandehz1172d ago

Hopefully its not BF4 launch all over again

_-EDMIX-_1172d ago

I mean...its not releasing on 5 platforms, this isn't DICE's first current gen game and its not their first FrostBite 3 game so I'll say its likely not the same issue.

pandehz1171d ago

None of your reasoning clears any of my doubts

_-EDMIX-_1171d ago

Thats fine. But one must factor that DICE didn't just launch games that way ALL the time.

BF4 is hte first BF to have such a messy launch and I got all the BF's at launch since BF2142.

It was their first BF on Frostbite 3, first on next gen systems, first time on 5 platforms at once.

One really needs to factor that into this as they don't just have a some history of ALWAYS releasing games that way.

Your doubts are not really logical if your not factoring any of that in.

Automatic791172d ago

I would rather have a delay for an excellent experience then a bad game with a horrible experience.

TwoForce1172d ago

Yeah, about that. EA won't listen because you know what i mean.

BongSmack1172d ago

lol Apparently there's one person who wants a horrible experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.