Patrick Bach claims that EA games take a lot of risks

"I think that's also the benefit of EA today - there's a lot of cushioning when it comes to taking a risk. Like, we wanted to do crazy shit because we are in a position to do that. That's the benefit of the EA mentality where you understand what it means to be big. Rather than do less and less crazy stuff, you do more and more because you can - instead of thinking that if we do more of the safe stuff we will be a lot bigger and better."

DICE's Patrick Bach suggests that EA takes more risks than they're given credit for.

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Ashlen1122d ago

That's pretty comical from a company with 98% of their games being sequels.

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AizenSosuke1122d ago

That's funny EA even though you do constant sequels and no really new IPs though.

NeoGamer2321119d ago

So does risk require a new IP?

Taking risk isn't only about the story you are telling.

It could be creating new online experiences, new settings for stories, new gameplay elements, etc. Publishers taking risk is not just about building new IPs.

GreetingsfromCanada1121d ago

No, making new AAA IPs is a risk and EA doesn't do that.