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Overhyped, overpriced and profoundly lacking in original thought, Until Dawn has just enough redeeming qualities for a decent night in.

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suckingeggs1216d ago


..5/10 means Its a broken,seriously waste of money game.. Until dawn is neither

These trolling sites needs hits to stay afloat don't give it to them and let them sink

johndoe112111216d ago

To be fair, that could really be his opinion of the game but the reason I won't click on the link is because I completely disagree with his view. He obviously has a different taste than most of the people, including myself, that have played this game and as such his views are completely irrelevant to me. Although I must agree that the description above does come across as clickbaity. Anyone that can play this game and give it a 5/10 won't be getting my views.

suckingeggs1216d ago

As a reviewer you may not like a game but you need to be neutral and give any game Its negatives and positives for the masses... And score it accordingly

This score isn't coming from a neutral place.. I even doubt Its coming from a honest place.

Concertoine1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


But if every score is made with that definition, shouldn't every score be the same? Opinions are a huge part of reviews, PURELY objective (which isn't even really possible) reviewers would be in the minority. If everything is reviewed under the assumption of "even though i dont like this, everyone else will so 8/10" then we lose that generalized outlook.

A review of any media is nothing more than an outlined and explained opinion. Now, if a review is bad for the sake of being bad and doesn't bother to explain? That's a different story. I didn't even read this review yet but i did feel the need to make this comment.

Not that i agree with this score, havent even played the game yet.

Davi1231215d ago


Natural and neutral. Give a opinion in a review is stupid.

morganfell1215d ago

"To be fair, that could really be his opinion of the game..."

Then the submission should be labeled as an opinion piece and not a review.

And it isn't a review.

Reviews require certain aspects in order to call themselves a review in the first place. Characteristics such as standards are essential. The gaming community has become a bunch of lazy idiots and have let ridiculous articles like this blossom. It is high time we said sit down and shut up. If you are going to lambaste a title then justify your words with properly formed and applied criteria.

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Neonridr1216d ago

I think 1/10 would be broken. 5/10 means the reviewer didn't enjoy it.

Do you honestly expect every single person in the world who plays this game to love it?

There were people who didn't like GTA V, or TLOU or Mario Kart.

You guys need to stop getting so uppity when a game that releases on your console doesn't get 10's across the board.

It's a review, it's SUBJECTIVE TO THE REVIEWER. Doesn't mean it's law.

suckingeggs1216d ago

You preach about subjective yet tell me 1/10 is broken


5/10 is broken ... subjective to ME

Neonridr1216d ago

well 5/10 is still a playable game isn't it? It means it's half good.

Not broken.

How can something score 50% if it is broken or unplayable? Think about it.

callahan091215d ago

@Neonridr: I have no side in this debate, but to play devil's advocate a little bit, to answer your question ("How can something score 50% if it is broken or unplayable?"), well, I would say in the same that was a 50% on a test or assignment in school is a failing grade.

Concertoine1215d ago


And that school system of grading is what permanently muddies the numeral based review with games and everything else. Totally useless system that needs to go.

suckingeggs1215d ago

@neon broken doesn't mean unplayable to ME

again subjective (which you tried to preach while calling gamers uppity)

To me haze was broken but still playable

So I reiterate 5/10 in my opinion is just to garner hits for the reviewer

And by the way.. how do you know my console of choice ? You really tried I'll give you that but your hypocrisy voided your comment in my SUBJECTIVE opinion

Spotie1215d ago

Reviews aren't supposed to be so damn subjective, though. It was NEVER supposed to be about how much the reviewer did or didn't enjoy a particular game, movie, album, whatever. After all, the reviewer isn't reviewing the game to tell himself if he likes the game.

Unless otherwise noted, a review should be a guide for the average consumer or prospective consumer of a product. A reviewer can give his personal opinion, but that shouldn't be the meat of the review. Cuz who the hell does that help?

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Darkwatchman1215d ago

A 5/10 is not broken!?? A 5/10 is average or below average

freshslicepizza1215d ago

that is true, the medium score however seems to be 7 which is weird. anyways this is a case of someone who doesn't enjoy these types of games and i admit i don't like playing games that try to be a cross of watching a movie and playing a game.

spoiler below with a video of the first two hours of this game,

i'm watching this and thinking we still have a long ways to go from having a true gaming experience that is able to draw you in with emotion without the clunky feel that is embedded into the games so that you are able to control it. all this guiding with the x prompt to touch this or hit the analog stick to move left or right, it's just so rudimentary. on top of that you can only interact with what they tell you to interact with, which really isn't much at all.

Team_Litt1215d ago

Are you for real? 5/10 is for broken games now? The heck is the rest of the scale for then? 1-4 are for what? Games that don't even start? This is ridiculous. Why can't a person find a game to be average or mediocre and score it that way? You are ridiculous.

Letthewookiewin1215d ago

After the reviewer got done hugging his Xbox in the fetal position he decided to barrow his friends PS4 so he could slam a game that his X1 couldn't even run.

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Joj861211d ago

@suckingeggs: How could you be more neutral than 5/10. That's exactly 50/50, equal parts good and bad.

@:morganfell: "Then the submission should be labeled as an opinion piece and not a review. "

Erm, read the title of the review?

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jznrpg1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

5/10 to me is 50% so a failing grade. He may not like the genre himself but 5 is pretty low to me unless it is very buggy or poorly made. Anything lower than 5 is garbage or towards completely broken imo. When reviewers give out scores they should state what the rating scale means to them to clarify a bit more . These days a lot of sites just give out bad scores for clicks or they dislike a certain system , maybe this is his honest opinion but with the way the industry is these days it is very hard to differentiate honest opinions versus personal or financial agendas.

Xavior_Reigns1215d ago

Here they come... the ones Spencer himself finds distasteful (on both sides.)

Roccetarius1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

5/10 is obviously broken in the gaming world, at least when reading comments on here. The game on a certain console can't possibly be average, or lacking thought.

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