Crystal Dynamics explain why Lara has to learn Greek in Rise of The Tomb Raider


"I have to say I was a little surprised when Crystal Dynamics revealed that part of Lara's character development would involve learning languages in Rise Of The Tomb Raider . It's something different so I like it, but it is such an unusual idea. Talking to GamesRadar, creative director Noah Hughes has explained more behind the new mechanic.

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Timesplitter141171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

If I understand correctly and learning languages is actually a gameplay mechanic for solving puzzles, that's a great idea

jb2271171d ago

Sounds like its akin to another collectible, you'd press triangle to learn a bit here & a bit there like you'd pick up salvage here and there for xp & upgrades. I'm interested in seeing what it unlocks as far as narrative progression & lore potential. Seems like if you ignore them you won't know the ancient side of the story...only weird thing to me is why is Greek featured in a Siberian Russian landscape?

gangsta_red1171d ago

Oh man...the many jokes that could be made from the title alone are priceless...

But anyways, sounds like a great mechanic. This may be the first TR in a long time that I might have to check out.

Kingdomcome2471171d ago

Shame on you for not playing the reboot. I highly suggest downloading it through GWG while it's still free.

Bigpappy1171d ago

Guess I have to sharpen up on my Greek. As I currently know NON. It's still greek to me.

DualWielding1171d ago

have it been confirmed whether you'll be able to backtrack like in the previous games or whether it is going to be strictly linear like Uncharted? Seeing this game is going to be about Globe throtenning I'm worried they may drop the metroidvania elements which were the main reason I preferred the first game over uncharted

jb2271171d ago

There will definitely still be fast travel and backtracking in the game along with optional tombs, that much they've confirmed. I think the globe trotting will be a bit thinner than they are letting on, so far we've only seen & they've only confirmed Syria & Siberia. The Syrian section takes place during a flashback while Lara is in Syberia...not sure how they would handle backtracking there unless they open up fast travel to these flashbacks but that might be a little awkward for narrative purposes. My guess is that you'll only get one shot at Syria & any other potential settings but that Siberia will be open for backtracking. Don't think you have to worry about this title going linear at this point.