Monument Valley dev Ustwo discusses new virtual reality game Land's End and VR development

Monument Valley is a perfect example of what a great tablet game should be. It's simple, elegant and intelligent, not bogged down with freemium stodge or bloated with an overwhelming amount of things to do. It came and went gracefully, but will be remembered as one of the finest games of 2014.

Accolades hoarded, the game's developers at ustwo are set to release a new title on 30 October. Land's End is a virtual reality (VR) puzzle game for the Samsung Gear VR. Like Monument Valley before it, Land's End is simple and engaging, making it the kind of game that will be crucial as virtual reality begins to take over the world.

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Kalebninja1121d ago

Well Monument Valley was the best mobile game I've ever played so I will definitely pick this up.