About those original characters in Naruto: The Broken Bond

Spencer writes:

"In Naruto: The Broken Bond I saw Neji, Shikmaru, and Naruto use some of their signature moves. However, they weren't using them in the heat of battle. When Naruto senses danger white lines appear above his head. This warning is an indicator for players to switch to an ally like Neji. After Neji activates his Byakugan the screen changes colors into shades of blue and dangerous explosive tags are illuminated. Later in the level Naruto solves a puzzle by using shadow clones to build a human bridge while Shikimaru flips a switch by controlling his shadow.

I spotted a few original characters not created by Viz in the mission so I asked Ceri Young, Script Writer of Naruto: The Broken Bond, about them and how they fit into the game."

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