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Siege's AI is not smart but they're good shots and they outnumber you hugely. Any mistake you make will be painful. Our second (and last) attempt ended faster than the first.

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UKmilitia1170d ago

i think its good,but so boring if you die and then just sat there for sometimes ages while some numb nuts is just sat in a corner turning screen left and right.

XBLSkull1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

The over the top destruction turns me off just as I thought it would. I just did a terrorist hunt when suddenly like 1/3 of the top floor I was on suddenly blew up... totally un-Rainbow 6ish. Should have stuck with Patriots...

I mean Rainbow is supposed to be made up of the most elite military soldiers ever, across many countries, assembled as one team, instead we have an FBI SWAT team representing USA? wtf? It's just kind of whack. The game actually is a little better than I expected but it is still quite a let down overall. Blood effects at least in this version are horrid, big puffs of red smoke, ugh...

TKCMuzzer1170d ago

Really? I always used to get nailed by random spawning enemies in Vegas 2, was that rainbowish? There was four of us last night and it took good team work to beat one of the hunts on hard.

freshslicepizza1170d ago

some of the replies here have me concerned and i've witnessed it all before and you see it more on the consoles than you do on the pc. that is how so many can't seem to sit idle for more than 5 seconds if they die. it's also the cause of so many quitting matches. they also need to build an option so your own team mates don't get damage because of the idiots out there who like to shoot their own teammates for fun.

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r1sh121170d ago

If you die playing that search and destroy game type its painfully boring.
I think the game speed is a little slow, but nothing wrong with that.

And the corner camping gets annoying..
But oh wells, ill enjoy the beta but probably not buy the game.
Other games out around that time

Thatguy-3101170d ago

Sucks that's you're able to kill people on your team. Then at times the animation feels off

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TKCMuzzer1170d ago

It's classic mode, I imagine there will be options with easier settings in the final build, not sure why though, it's supposed to be tactical but it looks like many just want to go guns blazing.

Meltic1170d ago

Haven't recieved my code yet i hope today

Sarah_Ch1170d ago

What is your platform? Which region?

Meltic1170d ago

PC OFC and im from sweden....

Sarah_Ch1170d ago

Oh, I have one for Xbox one US. Sorry!

Meltic1170d ago

No problem and thanks for trying to help buddy !!

Nephesh1170d ago

I have both, the PS4 and the PC beta, and have only gotten to play 1 match! There is NO ONE playing in the mid-west, or this game is not attracting players. I have a 60M connection BTW. I won't be buying.

Sarah_Ch1170d ago

I enjoyed it but it doesn't worth 60$ for me.

TKCMuzzer1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

A lot of people say that but have only played the beta, not the final release.
Value is all about perception, if I enjoy a game and I will get a lot of play time out of it then it's good value.

It's a tricky one, if Rainbow 6 had just a 12 hour single player with no multiplayer would people buy it? even though the overall play time you would get out of it would be less than you probably would being multiplayer only.

Value is all about perception, I am enjoying the beta so no doubt would get my moneys worth from the game.

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