The hunt for closure in Metal Gear Solid 5 is its biggest fans' white whale

David Roberts:

"To say that Metal Gear Solid 5 feels unfinished - whether that feeling is intentionally designed or not - is an understatement. Broken into two chapters and a prologue, MGS5: The Phantom Pain tells the story of Big Boss, the creation of his private military organization, Diamond Dogs, and their quest for revenge after the events of Ground Zeroes. It's a fine story, if perhaps a bit one-dimensional, but it ends abruptly. Something definitely feels like it's missing, and there's a group out of hardcore fans that are scouring the game for the smallest hint of closure."

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cemelc1118d ago

What do you mean of closure?

I got my closure on 4... this is an incredible game, but metal gear is over... at least for me.

_-EDMIX-_1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Agreed. In my mind , the MGS4 directors cut is Snake killing himself in the end lol.

We know Big Boss is a bad guy....we know Snake KILLS Big Boss in MG2, we know Zero wants his mind and wants him to suffer....we know Zero dies by Big Boss in Solidus's body....theses things happened folks lol

I love what MGSV is as you don't really need to have them tell you ALL that happens next.

Look at who Foxhound is, look at how Big Boss created Outerheaven, know why Miller HELPS SNAKE! Hal reveals his father created the first Metal Gear...I mean if you know this much, then you kinda know why the events happening in MGSV are actually happening.

The ending of Peace Walker very much shows Snake excepting the name Big Boss and even stating he won't go out for America like The Joy did ie he is now against them. As Miller states "no more JUST CAUSES" they are NOT GOOD DUDES LOL, I mean even hearing them in Ground Zeros goes to show you who they are, Miller and Huey making sure the nukes are hidden and Metal Gear Zeke is hidden under water so the UN wouldn't think they were terrorist.

As...if you play MG1, MG2...they sorta are LOL! I only wish they showed Big Boss in a more EVIL light, you sort get moments where he talks about Child Soldiers and his beliefs which I like.

lolz..I mean..this is who Big Boss is, MGSV merely shows him building that sick army and WORLD POWER!!!

Gran Touring1118d ago


It's not Big Boss building that army, and neither Big Boss nor "Big Medic" undergoes any transformation. Did you not see that in the ending?

It doesn't even matter; the saga has been retconned to death at this point anyway (N313, completely ignoring Gray Fox in V, Mantis 3rd child seriously?!)

morganfell1118d ago


Agreed. MGS4 was the perfect closure with the one main character who was never meant for war, never designed for war being the one who walked away. A very very fitting closure indeed for all those memories. Playing MGSV, I wasn't looking for something Kojima provided years ago.

MysticStrummer1118d ago

Yup. Long time fan here, and "closure" isn't something I was looking for in a game that takes place in the middle of the overall timeline. I finished the MGS5 story and honestly have no huge problem with it, though I would have done it a bit differently myself and it's obvious some things were cut out.

solidboss071117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I disagree with you. The MGS games with Solid were good. But the games with Big Boss as the lead are the superior games of the series. 4 was the weakest. 3 and 5 are the strongest.
It ends when Big Boss says so.

PR_FROM_OHIO1118d ago

I have a question I finished all 50 main single player missions but the ending was pretty much nothing am I missing something?? Bc I know that can't be the ending please help lol

JackVagina1118d ago

You get mission 46? cause thats the "true" ending

PR_FROM_OHIO1118d ago

Was that the 1 with Quiet??

lashes2ashes1118d ago

46 is the ending, every other plot thread like Eli and the kids is never resolved. There seems to be a whole chapter 3 that was either cut from the game or never finished.

Vlasay1117d ago

It is at partially resolved. Try sesrching for it on YouTube. It was a part of the collectors edition and is quite interesting to watch - combination of artworks and some "rendered gameplay". I believe it's called the Phanom Episode. It is about Eli and is set on a new location.

ThatEnglishDude1118d ago

The controversy surrounding the missing content post-release is the true phantom pain in all this. It's incredibly meta in a way Kojima never likely intended.

_-EDMIX-_1118d ago

True, but I'm sure he is still happy at what we created. We know what happens after MGSV's events.

ie MG1-MG2 etc.

goldwyncq1118d ago

Such a lust for a proper ending...

DEEBO1118d ago

I'm ok with it because mgs4 is the end.

Now I'm demon blood snake building and stealing nukes

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