Chrono Trigger Retrospective: A Death in the Family

“It’s a trope that the older we get, the more we fear death. All these years later, Crono’s death during that first confrontation with Lavos still shocks me. Usually, the repercussions of any gaming death are easily fixable with a continue or extra life. He’s the main character. He’s not supposed to die, right? But no, Crono was really dead. For a silent hero, Crono’s actions sang volumes just by his willingness to sacrifice himself without a moment’s hesitation. Even Magus, the arch villain until that point, appears shocked. And if you’re strong enough, you can go fight Lavos again without Crono and beat the game.” Peter Tieryas concludes his retrospective of Chrono Trigger at

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M_Adkins1748d ago

Ya have no idea how much money id throw at a sequel.

DiaperFace1747d ago

I'd rob a bank, buy them all and give them away.