A different kind of Revolution: PC Civilization left in the dark

GotGame's Bryan Harrington writes:

"Gamers have come to know and love Sid Meier as the forefront pioneer of the popular turn-based Civilization strategy games. If you have invested countless hours attempting to tech new governments and grind out that cultural victory then you would also know Civilization has never deviated from the PC gaming platform. Those attempting to start a new revolution on the PC this go-around of Meier's classic franchise will have to turn to another civilization this summer.

Sid Meier has decided to go console-only with his latest installment, Civilization Revolution, and has most certainly left PC gamers scratching their heads. Why would Sid Meier leave his core fan base in the dark after all the years they have continued to support his PC-only franchise that has shifted to a console-only platform?

The simple answer is that going console now makes sense more than ever."

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InfectedDK4311d ago

Played the demo on the PS3 and i am going to buy this one for sure..

Superfragilistic4311d ago

and easily the best strategy title on consoles to date.

If you don't have it, buy it... and watch those hours slip away! lol

ASSASSYN 36o4311d ago

I love the game and all but it is darn near impossible to get a technology victory the game ends to quick.