Xbox One Getting Temporary Price Drop in Japan, Matches Sony’s PS4 Price Cut Until December

While Microsoft missed Tokyo Game Show this year, the house of Xbox just held its own event, and the first part of it is a press conference, that was just wrapped up a few minutes ago.

During the briefing, the house of Xbox announced a temporary price drop for the Xbox One in the archipelago of the rising sun, matching (at least for a period) the move announced by Sony for the PS4 during its own press conference on September 15th.

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triple_c1123d ago

Idk why the price cut is temporary. They might as well just leave the Xbox One at that price. Hell, they're better off giving those things away for free in Japan at this point...

Abriael1123d ago

They might do what they did last holiday in the US. They announced a temporary price cut, then when it expired, they made it permanent.

Dark_Overlord1123d ago

It's a marketing ploy, they say it's temporary to get people to go out and buy one (thinking they're getting a bargain), but it'll most likely end up being permanent like last time :)

bf0007779661123d ago

Since price drop is their only hope to gain market share in Japan, I doubt they will raise again.

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FallenAngel19841123d ago

They might as well keep the price down at this point, just like how the temporary price cut last year became permanent.

Maybe now Xbox One will be able to sell 500 units a week in Japan

BlueOnBlue221123d ago

they should give a free xbox one away with every ps4 sold in Japan

Leaguer1123d ago

price cut prolly mean 5 more units sold every month

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