Destiny Hot Fix - 09/24/2015

New patch fixes bugs and exploits in The Taken King.

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ninsigma1123d ago

Well the three of coin was always going to get nerfed. There was no way it could stay the same. I'm just annoyed I didn't have enough coins to buy more than the one set last weekend. I have loads now!! And I assume the chest thing is so that you can't do the hadium flake glitch (not that it worked for me anyway). So does that mean a chest will spawn in a specific location only once every time you go there?? So if you get a chest from each spawn location in a room you gotta leave before they'll spawn again??

WildArmed1123d ago

Chests despawn faster.

The chest will respawn in the same location, but you won't be able to glitch it into picking up more than one drop per chest.

As for three coins, I used 45 total and for only 1 engram lol

ninsigma1123d ago

Oh okay, makes sense.

Oh wow! Now I don't feel so bad about the coins, thanks! :p