Soulcalibur IV: Boob physics compared

GamesRadar: "Gentle reader, we know of your thirst for the finer things in life: vintage wines, sartorial attire, and most importantly, realistic boob physics. After all, what would be the point of a new high-def Soulcalibur game if the teat-jigglies were not tuned to perfection?"

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Overr8ed4314d ago

No Flaming its just teh boobz... am bored to to sleep.

Sk8boyP4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Really Gamesradar!? Really! Is this what console wars have come to. Jiggly tit physics! Man, and to think, I was busy worrying about games line up and functionality, now I'll definitely get a PS3/360 cause tit physics sell consoles, not games, TIT PHYSICS! OH, I sure do hope Geometry Wars 2 and Killzone 2 have tit physics, or else I'm not buying them.

truncheon4314d ago

maybe all GamesRadar articles should be labeled with a "Sarcasm" label when they're being sarcastic, so you know that they don't really literally mean that the console wars are only about titty physics. You know, like they're making fun of the console wars via boobs? Oh, nevermind.

Gambit074314d ago

I wish I was a boob programmer.

jc485734314d ago

ok...i saw this like 4 times already and i still think that the boobs in the 360 version move like jello. if you pay more attention to Taki, it seemed like her boobs were more tight and heavy on the ps3 version. 360 seemed more bouncy and light, which is somewhat unrealistic to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.