Huge Halo 5: Guardians install size revealed – eighth biggest ever

Finder's games database tracking has picked up on the hefty weigh in for Halo 5: Guardians.

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SlappingOysters1117d ago

Far out, that top 10 list of install sizes is epic! You could only fit the first 7 in and then you would be spent on the standard drive. Stupid way to play console games these installs!!!

sarahnade1117d ago

Wow. I've deleted five of those games from my hard drive already - mostly because I'm too cheap to shell out for an external hard drive.

Mr Pumblechook1117d ago

'Eigth Biggest Ever!'

It's fine to inform us of what the final install size will be, but silly to equate it with quality. I mean of course Halo 5 will likely be great but not because of size. I've played loads of big games that are terrible and medium file sized games that are great. I would hate to see the lower quality end of the blogosphere start doing this.

SlappingOysters1117d ago


I think its eight biggest install size ever, not eighth best game ever. I don't think the list is a statement of quality. Some of the best games are indies and they are a handful of MBs

andibandit1117d ago

@Mr PumbleChook

"but silly to equate it with quality."

Where in the article did they do that?.

hades071117d ago

Looks like Im finally deleting Halo MCC to make way for Halo 5 with room to spare after its deleted.

ShinMaster1117d ago Show
Old McGroin1117d ago

@ ShinMaster

"we've been tracking and updating a complete list of all install sizes for the Xbox One with the goal of providing a handy resource for those trying to make the most of the Xbox One’s primitive 500GB hard drive."

Would be a bit strange to see Playstation exclusives on a list of Xbox One games to be fair.

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CKPan1117d ago

You do know a way you can install unlimited games in your HD, right?

Volkama1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I did read something about an eighth Harry Potter book now that you mention it. Most of the spells in those books don't actually work though.

CKPan1117d ago

Silly boy...just remove old games and install new one, I have been using this secret move forever now, never got to worry about HD space.
Consider yourself educated.

BrandanT1117d ago

For some strange reason, I think advertising the install size of a game is some sort of gimmick. I guess it's easier for people to go by the notion "bigger is always better."

nitus101117d ago

There is an unwritten law in computing that states that no matter how much the capacity of your resources, users will always find a way to fill them.

Actually users should practice what is called "good house keeping" but that is easier said than done.

Still I have to ask the question here. Why do you need all those games available at once since it is easier to have probably 3 to 5 games immediately available with a finished game being deleted and replaced with a new game.

If you have a digitally downloaded game or the physical media it is not that difficult and time consuming to reinstall or are some gamers the type that must play multiple games per day.

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GreetingsfromCanada1117d ago

Really? How the hell are Call of Duty and NBA 2K16 on that list?

SlappingOysters1117d ago

Got to be the cutscenes in CoD. Not sure about NBA - all three of them are up there on the install sizes list

Revolt131117d ago

Lol, it wont budge my 4TB

TheDrunkenJester1117d ago

Yeah I bought a 5TB a while back, I have gone all digital this gen and loving it.

TheHaloGuy1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I'm So Glad I Got My 5 tb's now... These games r freakin huuuuuuge!

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