Umbrella Corps : The Good, The Bad and The Unknown.

Capcom revealed an interesting surprise during last week’s Tokyo Game Show: the Resident Evil game which will herald the series’ 20th anniversary won’t be a new story-based endeavor, but will instead be a competitive online shooter called Umbrella Corps.

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chrisx1117d ago

As far as I'm concerned as a RE game I see no good in this

ocelot071117d ago

I don't see what this is getting such a hard time. Sure it is set in the Resident Evil Universe. But so what if the gameplay is decent and is fun online then am happy with it.

Now if this was a main title in the Resident Evil series then yes I would be annoyed.

gantarat1117d ago

capcom still have time to tune/polish game.

mrzeeman3211117d ago

It's a waste of time. Fans want the RE2 Remake a good RE7 but here Capcom are making something nobody asked for.

gantarat1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

This is side project game.

ocelot071117d ago

There making a RE2 Remake. As for Resident Evil 7 I personally hope they just reboot the series. Which they have pretty much done considering they remastered 0 and 1 and remaking 2.

5 and 6 to me where not Resident Evil games (just like this new one).