Hack Makes PlayStation TV Remotely Useful


PlayStation TV: good idea, poor execution. Mostly because there were a ton of great Vita games that the little box wouldn’t support. But hey, where Sony came up short, users are getting the job done.

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uth111118d ago

But can you actually fully play Golden Abyss? Or is there some control that a DS3/4 can't replicate?

vongruetz1118d ago

No. There are parts of GA that require the camera and gyro controls.

Gooddaysfall1118d ago

Not true played it on my PS Vita Tv for 2hrs no prob without gyro and camera.

vongruetz1118d ago

Sat down and played through Uncharted and can confirm that no, you can not fully play it on the PSTV. You can play bits and pieces, but not the whole game. For example, there's a scene where you need to cross a mossy log to continue. Without the gyro on the Vita, you fall to your death. There's no way around it. Later, there's a part that requires the camera.

Also, it should only be played with the DS4 with its touchpad.

rainslacker1118d ago

Not sure why the gyros would be a problem. Both the DS3 and DS4 have gyroscopic motion sensor. The rubbings could be simulated with the touch pad, or through the built in functions of pressing the R3/L3 buttons.

The camera would really be the only issue.

Granted, those features haven't been implemented fully enough to play through GA, so that would be the first step.

Snookies121118d ago

It's perfectly useful, for the price I paid, lol... $25 bucks, can't argue with that value. Just to play Persona 4 Golden and Dissidia on the big screen.

uth111118d ago

Can't argue with the price of the system, just with the memory cards.

bouzebbal1118d ago

now i need a hack that enables remote play everywhere, not only under same wifi network.

TheUndertaker851118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

So set it up...

If you need a hack you insta-fail.

Jubez1871118d ago

Why would you hack something into a device that already does just what you want?

rainslacker1118d ago

Yeah, I got the one with a DS3 and memory card for $50, so it was a pretty good deal. I use it quite often for playing vita games at home.

Don't know why people hate on the device so much. They're so cheap, it just seems silly to not want one unless they really just dislike all the games on the system, or have no PS3/4 to use it for remote play. It's a nice little device and is the cheapest console out there, and it's powerful enough to play PS3 level games.

vongruetz1117d ago

In reply to your questions about Uncharted, there should be no reason why it wouldn't work except that the PSTV doesn't recognize the DS4's gyro sensors at all (at least when it comes to playing Vita games). And the rubbings in GA can easily be done with the touch controls. However, the on-screen prompts that have you swipe the screen during melee fights and other times, can only really be done with the DS4 touchpad.

After playing it on the big screen, I don't see why this game wasn't patched for the PSTV. I don't know how hard it would be, but all you would need is a patch that had the game auto-bypass the balance stuff, and then auto-skip the camera stuff as well. It's not like there's a ton of those moments in the game. And auto-skipping them doesn't ruin the experience at all (if anything, it would make it better).

rainslacker1117d ago

Yeah. I think it's more a matter of Sony having to enable certain input features without having to make special updates for the games themselves. If a game has things that have to be specially implemented to work on a controller, then the chance that some old games get support is slim to none.

It's a shame to me, because there are quite a few games I'd like to play on the PSTV but can't do so because of this short coming.

Horyzon1118d ago

I'll buy one tomorrow!

N0TaB0T1118d ago

Who argued the PlayStation TV wasn't? It fits different needs like the Roku and Slingbox do.

TheColbertinator1118d ago

Just like the PSP over again,hackers maximize its abilities and Sony slacking on the features.

Taero1118d ago

Partly agree, while it would be nice to have these features, if something is implemented and fails due to incompatibility with just one game, people will hound them to death over it. "This 1 games doesn't work" never mind the other 9 that work for other people.

AndrewLB1117d ago

What about all the people who have purchased Vita games for their PSTV only to find out they're not white-listed for compatibility? I bought Ys: Celceta to use on my brothers Vita and recently grabbed a $37 PSTV only to not be able to play the game because Sony hasn't white listed the game. Falcom has already made the patch for non-touch screen and the Japanese version is playable on PSTV over there, but I contacted Xseed and they're waiting on Sony.

donwel1118d ago

And it's thanks to those hackers that we're paying so damn much for Sonys proprietary memory cards on Vita.
If so many people didn't hack the thing and pirate most of their games, then Sony wouldn't have had to take such precautions.

magiciandude1118d ago

It's never Sony's fault at all. Everything is in the power of the hacker. Even the hackers decide if the Vita succeeds or not. Sony cannot do anything to make the Vita more appealing to the masses, because the hackers don't want them to. This kind of logic is so amazing...

donwel1117d ago

So it wasn't the hackers fault that the PSP is understood to be one of the most pirated systems to date then magiciandude?
I would seriously like to know what you think happens when most of the people who own a system pirate their games instead of buying them.
You see hardware companies use games as loss leaders, which means they use them to maintain a steady profit over the lifetime of a console. That's how the industry works.
If they aren't making that steady profit then they lose money and have to take precautions or they will go out of business. This is a simple concept.
Sony had one of two choices:
1) Make sure the Vita couldn't be hacked
2) Not release another handheld system for fear of losing too much money on it.
So they chose option 1.
Could Sony have done things differently? Yes, of course they could, they ballsed up royally with the Vita I'm not going to dispute that, but to lay all of the blame on Sony is just an inability to see the bigger picture.

rainslacker1118d ago

Many of those hacks were counter-productive to profit for both Sony and the publishers. Outside of a few of them, most of them had no monetary benefit to Sony, and one of the most treasured(emulators) is actually against copyright laws and counter to publishers so Sony had no right to make it happen.

Not that Sony couldn't be a bit more productive on adding features to the Vita, or updating the OS to allow for expansion, but Sony isn't going to do anything that is against their interests, and they have a duty to protect the publishers interests.

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