Legend Of Zelda Director & Miyamoto Want To See A Female Link In A Live Action Zelda Film

In an interview with MTV, Legend of Zelda co-director Takashi Tezuka revealed a female Link would be fun to see in a potential live action Legend of Zelda adaptation.

"It would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress."

Shigeru Miyamoto also supported the idea by saying Japanese TV and film use the same actors so mixing things up would be really interesting.

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-Foxtrot1117d ago

Hopefully not

Just seems he wants it changed for the sake of it...for the "OMG" factor

Follow the source material, it's why all video game related adaptations are bad because they try and stray away from it like the source material is some kind of disease.

Zelda is female so it's not like the change would be because the franchise has no female characters.

Monster_Tard1117d ago

I think he meant getting a female to play the role as a male Link. Since Link looks feminine and doesn't speak, I could see it working if done right.

TheOtherVitaOwner1117d ago

No, no, they want an actress to play a male Link. Like how Peter Pan was traditionally played by a women in plays (not that anyone here is aware of that)

MoveTheGlow1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I've witnessed Mario Mario and Luigi Mario gracing the silver screen with a human Bowser who tries to order a pizza, so a female Link on camera doesn't faze me in the least.

Honestly, I'm anticipating a female Ganon in whatever format, not a female Link. That would be awesome.

DarkOcelet1117d ago

I really dont know what is it with people obsession in making Link a female.

If you want playable female woman, then ask Nintendo to let Zelda have her own game.

Its pretty annoying and stupid to make a male character female just because people want it.

Snookies121117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Honestly, to me... It's just kind of odd, having this reincarnation of Link recurring over and over. Only to have him continually be born a male. You'd think one or two females would be in that long line of history, lol.

It doesn't matter much one way or the other, for me personally. Though it would be cool to see a female link at some point in the series. Just to shake up the premise a little.

-Foxtrot1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

How come it's weird? It makes total sense.

In Skyward Sword Demise says that his hatred will be reborn in a cycle without end as it evolves, cursing those with the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero

"Human! Having been able to overcome me... You are a strong human!! Splendid. But, remember... This is not over... My hatred... The curse of the Demon Tribe... They shall continuously go on reincarnating until the end of all times. Do not forget it! I shall repeat it!! You people shall... You people who possess the blood of the Goddess and the soul of hero shall... forever be unable to escape from this curse! This hatred and grudge... Its evolution shall forever painfully wander across this blood-stained "Dark Sea" along with you lowlifes forever!"

Now since the Spirit of the Hero came from the ORIGINAL warrior, "Hylia's Chosen Hero" it wouldn't make sense if a future incarnation of Link would be female.

Two reasons

1) Hylia's Chosen Hero (no name) was male and when Hylia decided to become human (reincarnated as Zelda) she decided she wanted company in the form of her chosen hero so his "Spirit" was reincarnated as a boy...first called Link.

2) The reincarnated version of the warrior, Link, was then cursed in Skyward Sword. Link being the reincarnated version of Hylia's chosen hero was ALSO male.

So it makes sense that future Links would be male as Hylia's chosen hero was male and the reincarnated version Demise cursed was male aswell.

Snookies121117d ago

@-Foxtrot - Ah, well if it's in Skyward Sword, that explains why it doesn't make sense to me. That was the only Zelda game I could not get into for whatever reason.

rainslacker1117d ago

If people want it...that actually seems to be the perfect reason to do something...particularly in a commercial endevour.

The big question is, is there more people that would want a male or female to play the part? I have a feeling the balance is going to swing to the male side given how there's no real reason for the change that seems to be story related, making it superfluous at best.

DarkBlood1117d ago

well cant argue with the creator there since its coming from him n all so whatever he does i'll give it a follow.

Darkfist1117d ago

of course its going to be female, link looks feminine to be played by any male actors

TheOtherVitaOwner1117d ago

People, before you freak out let me educate you. Miyamoto isn't suggesting that Link as a character would be a woman, just that the role of a male Link would be played by a woman. This actually happens quite often in plays, and shouldn't be taken as an attack on Link's gender.

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