PixelJunk Eden DOES Support Custom Soundtracks *SPOILER*

Chris Rah Osiris of Playstation writes:

I'm sure many of you are torn between playing Uncharted and PixelJunk Eden right about now. At least anyone that is into collecting trophies and playing good games is. Thought you should know that there is an incentive to completing PixelJunk Eden and collecting all of the Spectra.

What is it?


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Solid_Dawg4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

coulda said spoiler i gotta go through the whole game knowing that i will hopefully sometime unlock custom soundtracks...way to go...this is just gonna go call the suicide hotline...

-but on a serious note, they should have added that feature from the start of the game...oh well...

chaosatom4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

This is going to be tough. I never ever thought of collecting every bit even for the platium trophy, but now I am really split.

rbanke4311d ago

There is no platinum trophy, thats only for large scale (blu-ray) games.

This IS a spoiler because this is the reward for completing the game.

- world4311d ago

This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why not add it at the start for everyone and maybe have a hidden garden with actual texture detail and stuff in it? that'd be a shock to me. Having a colorful, bright, vibrant, living garden to play in as a bonus.

Custom music is awesome but if we beat the game will we go back to enjoy the feature? I guess we have trophy support.

Silogon4311d ago

I'm suprised they didn't tie this "feature" as you dongs like to say to an absurd task like a 24 hour none stop gaming session to unlock it and a bronze trophy!

That's about Eden's absurd tedious factor.

shine13964311d ago

I like the ps3 and stuff...but this is just crazy. its kind of unacceptable...

Cinos1234311d ago

Whats so unacceptable? They wanted you to play through the game with the music they created, but know that people like custom soundtracks so they put it in as an unlockable.

mindedone4311d ago

I haven't been reading the comments as of late with only one bubble, but there used to be effort, style. Get your game back up.

kazuma4311d ago

i'm with cinos123, as a big fan of videogame music, i never change the game soundtrack.NEVER.
and i really do think it's a great idea, if it's true. play the game with the music they created for it, and then if u want to play some more, u can use your own.
rock on, q-games, rock on.

PimpHandStrong4311d ago

sounds like BS but i like it

i like the music in the game

sets a good tone for the gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.