Assassin’s Creed London Gangs Announced, It's a Free Exclusive-to-Canada App

Assassin’s Creed London Gangs challenges fans and their friends to form a powerful gang, and take over London’s 35 districts.

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-Foxtrot1118d ago

Makes sense since London is in Canada


Digital_Anomaly1118d ago

You know that's not true! Have you ever seen any igloos in London!?


-Foxtrot1118d ago

Mostly in snow globes or ones made out of horse shit the local homeless people have put together

AidenPearce1118d ago

Well there actually is A London in Canada. lol

CitizenFour1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Actually there is a London in Ontario Canada.. not the same... but technically London is in Canada lol.

Edit: I see im late to the party.. hi guys lol

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MRBIGCAT1118d ago

This looks cool! I'll be downloading ASAP.

TheColbertinator1118d ago

??? What the hell is a Canada?

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The story is too old to be commented.