Rise of the Tomb Raider Interview and Gameplay

Shacknews talks with Rich Briggs about the next installment in the Tomb Raider series, Rise of the Tomb Raider!

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1172d ago
gamerlive1173d ago

Looking forward to more Lara Croft.

Kingdomcome2471173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

The anticipation is killing me! This is my most anticipated game left this year by a landslide. Fallout 4 may be the better game, and I'm pumped for Halo 5, The ND Collection, Just Cause 3, and Rainbow 6 Siege, but I just love this genre, and the reboot is one of my top 20 most enjoyable gaming experienes of all time. Oh man, this is going to be so good! I think that I might just run through the reboot again after cleaning up Mad Max, and The Phantom Pain.

Rookie_Monster1173d ago

Day 1! Can't wait to play this.

CKPan1173d ago

looks more & more like Uncharted...

ONESHOTV21172d ago

dude stop acting like uncharted was an original idea. if it wasn't for TR and Indiana Jones were would ND get it ideas from. PC& PS

CKPan1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Never said Uncharted was original, TR was very different from Uncharted, now TR looks alike now, good or bad, don't know.
I do know it's funny to see you react this way~

Eejanaika1172d ago

bothgames are pretty good

Kingdomcome2471172d ago

I think that's a compliment, though that's not at all how you intended it.

CKPan1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

you thought that's a compliment, but you knew that's not at all my intention...
very interesting logic.

SlightlyRetarted1172d ago

I think they are just inspired of Naughty Dog. First one (Reboot) had Uncharted inspiration and this one seems to bring some influence from The Last of Us. Nothing wrong with it.

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