Rock Band 4 Has Begun Shipping to Retail Ahead of October 6 Launch

Mad Catz Interactive announced today that it has begun shipping Rock Band 4 to retail ahead of its October 6, 2015 launch date.

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generalwinter1120d ago

Woohoo! Let the parties begin!

Yi-Long1120d ago

Agreed, but first I want to know if the instruments will be good quality that will last me for years, because with Guitar Hero I had some instruments that had buttons that stopped responding.

HRoach6161120d ago

Obviously I can't comment on this new hardware. But my old stuff still works perfectly to this day. It was good build quality.
So if the past is any indication then they will be fine.

Kalebninja1120d ago

They're pretty much ignoring post-hardcore so I'm not sure i want to get it unless they at least start announcing ph dlc.

PiperMCFierceson1120d ago

I love this game and I'm so happy it's finally coming!!!

GrapesOfRaf1120d ago

If I get either, it'll be Guitar Hero. But I probably won't get that either... it's so much harder to spend time on games like this when you could play Rocksmith.