How could Better Licensing change the PES franchise?

PS4Home: "FIFA has always held a monopoly on licenses, and PES has been struggling to make up for it."

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Stringerbell1120d ago

Its just not going to happen. PES picks its battles with licensing a la cup licenses: Euro, Champions League, Libertadores, AFC CL, Europa League.

When it tries to directly compete head to head the bottomless pcokets of EA will always win. Example in PES 2013 it exclusively had the 20 La Liga Stadiums- they looked great and mad for a wonderful experience in my Master League.

What did EA do? Threw a boatload of cash to La Liga bought the license and did NOTHING with it. The stadiums did not appear in Fifa it was a move to spite PES.

The option file has always been the great equalizer and will continue to be - though Sony's ineptitude to allow simple file sharing is another story entirely.

So long as PES continues to produce a solid game arguably the better game a license or lack thereof will not be the end of the world. But I could be speaking for myself in this regard.

iceman061119d ago

What you said is true. Who knows if we would have even SEEN PES 2016 if they would have dropped tons of cash to outspend EA in licenses!?! (That's a LOT of money spent trying to play catch up. Very high risk, low reward proposition) Not to mention, as you said, the option files are great. They are much easier to do. Hell, if there happens to be a special kit introduced (or a classic kit that you just like), you don't have to wait for it to be introduced by the company. Someone is gonna have it.

S2Killinit1119d ago

If they had better licensing they could really put the hurt of Fifa.