Deal: Xbox One Gears of War Bundle, Plus Rare Replay and an Extra Controller for $349

We all love a good deal, don't we? Okay, maybe if you're Martin Shkreli the money doesn't matter, but for us mere mortals who have mortgages, bills and other regular outgoings it's always nice to save a bit of moolah on entertainment. - of all places - is offering a pretty sweet deal on Microsoft's Xbox One console by bundling it in with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Rare Replay along with an extra controller so you and a buddy can 'rek' each other while still being in slapping distance of one another. - The Games Cabin

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Cindy-rella1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

This is an amazing deal i must even comes with a kitchen sink. I think we'll be seeing deals on the xbox one even better than this one this holiday season. Im thinking a few games and controller for 300 dollars.

tinynuggins1117d ago ShowReplies(1)
bleedsoe9mm1117d ago

299$ is the magic number for wider console adoption

3-4-51116d ago

Not just for consoles, but for a lot of items people want to or might be willing to buy.

no_more_heroes1117d ago

Technically, this deal includes 35 games plus a controller...

Well, you can't say they're not being generous.

chrish19901117d ago

Ha! yes, you're right. Technically the most games in a bundle ever - not including those terrible television games with 300 games that are just 20 in different variations...

stuna11117d ago

Looking at the deals that retailers are throwing around it wouldn't surprise me when the holidays roll around and an actual price drop is officially declared by Microsoft that it doesn't have a tremendous effect.

FallenAngel19841117d ago

One of the greatest Xnox One deals ever

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1117d ago

I was going to give you a bubble, until you spelled Xbox wrong.

Kingdomcome2471116d ago

Give him a break. He just really had Mad Max: Fury Road on the brain, lol.

Dario_DC1117d ago

Unless you're in a hurry to get a console right now, it's best to wait a bit, I'm sure the Xmas bundles will be a lot better than this.

Off topic: Here in France the Xbox One is sold for 350€ everywhere, the low prices from the US are being used here too.

freshslicepizza1117d ago

i'd like to see the forza bundle get a discount which it will.

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