Tom's Games Review - Siren: Blood Curse

Tom's Games Writes: "In Siren: Blood Curse, a new episodic series developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan Studio, the boogeyman comes to life in the form of an occult-like possession; anyone who is a fan of the "Evil Dead" series should have a pretty good grasp on that subject. While the devil is not directly involved, you get the sense that it's ancient, omnipresent, sinister and could be associated with Satanism in some manner. Siren's overall scene works wonders on paranoia, especially when the lights are low and the house falls silent. Did something move in the kitchen? What was that noise? If anything, the developer did an outstanding job scaring the crap out of the player, and for that, they deserve a standing ovation.

Blood Curse is a sequel to the original Siren for the PlayStation 2, but this time around Sony decided to approach the new title in a much different way: 12 downloadable episodes available on the PlayStation Network. Does Blood Curse earn the "Survival Horror Game of the Year" award? That depends on the competition. On its own, the game features extreme highs and extreme lows. During the highs, you aim to keep moving despite the darkness, despite what moves out in the void, to see what happens next to the band of characters. During the intense lows, you wonder just why you're playing such an awful mess, wonder why the developer couldn't come up with something a bit more streamlined, and not so over-inflated in the gameplay department. This judgment may sound a bit harsh, but the fact is that a good game requires logic and continuity, and without those two in hand, you lose the audience."

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