Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Review Codes Not Going Out Until Launch Day

Activision won't be sending out review codes for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 until launch day. Whether this means the game will ship dead-on-arrival or not won't be known until September 29th.

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iDadio1123d ago

It looked weak at E3, a change of art style wont change quality.

Be a shame really if it turns out less than the memories of previous entries.

user99502791123d ago

It's just going to be a little arcade game with basic gameplay ripped right out of the late 90s. I'd probably pay $15. If its full retail price that would be laughable.

Relientk771123d ago

Oh wonderful

This sounds so promising

Erik73571123d ago

Seriously, as soon as this was announced it looked like crap.

Hoffmann1123d ago

Never trust activision.

Steptoe1123d ago

Activision can 'Frontside Pop Shove It' up their 'Backside Big Spin' :)

twiggytree121123d ago

LMAO!!!! My morning has been made!

NarooN1123d ago

Pop-shove it is real, but 'backside big-spin' doesn't make any sense lol. I mean, assuming the spin is an actual aerial move, involving lateral rotation, not sure how back/frontside would apply to it.


Steptoe1123d ago

ha ha. im not sure whether they're real or not. I just done a quick look on google and they came up. I think they make my point though. :)

shadowknight2031123d ago

Haha I thought it was a good laugh

NarooN1123d ago

Game has been looking very mediocre, won't be shocked if it gets fairly lukewarm reviews across the board. Feels more like a $20 game rather than a $60 one.

shadowknight2031123d ago

It does seem more like a budget 20$ game. But thats activision for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.