Does WhoreCraft besmirch the name of Warcraft?

Many parents fear games like WoW, having heard horror tales - those unfortunates who undergo too many Drain Souls, lose their friends, drop out of high school to become professional mages, and probably brush up against Jack Thompson somewhere along the way. Does Blizzard need its game featured in a popular hardcore pr0ns series to boot? As in: Whorelore: Swords, Sorcery, and Sex and Rage of Bonan, the adult film series based on World of Warcraft and The Age of Conan.

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Sixark3817d ago

whorecraft?? dear god, they better not have female dwarf porn . . .

ass_divine3817d ago

WhoreCraft is awesome! Lisa Marie is in it and she's gorgeous!

Farsendor13816d ago

this was talked about a year ago when the woman got suspended cause people recognized her character name from the porn. watched first episode of it ill never watch it again it was just stupid.

and epileptic gaming done sort of a video review of it they totally trashed it and that was awesome.