Oculus promises "VR ready" PCs for under $1000

One of the biggest barriers to getting the general public to get an Oculus Rift VR headset is cost, not only for the headset but computers that can handle the device.

At the Oculus Connect 2 Developer Conference keynote, Oculus' VP of product Nate Mitchell announced that the company has engaged in a partnership with major PC manufacturers including Asus, Dell and Alienware to get gaming rigs that could unitize the hardware for under $1000.

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Eonjay1216d ago

But that is still before you even buy the rift. If the GTX 970 goes for 300, I could probably build a for $800. The thing is, if you have to build a rig from scratch for VR, you are going to get real close to that $1000 mark (we are talking a quality CPU, PSU, ram, motherboard, storage, case and cooling if necessary.)

But, we could do it. So what about the Rift itself. And Oculus and Sony, are both getting on my nerves by not giving a price. I don't like that one bit. And yes I know that OR hinted that the Rift would be about $550, but they have since make other statements to contradict that. Who wants to build a rig for a device that we don't know the price for?

freshslicepizza1215d ago

oculus rift will likely be $399, quite expensive. morpheus i imagine will be at least $199 and could go as high as $499 but i believe it will be $299.

any time you have a peripheral you are already fighting an uphill battle getting support. then when you add pricing in the hundreds of dollars it becomes an even greater uphill battle.

sony is probably trying to lock down no mans sky as a morpheus launch title. steam should be trying to get half life 3 ready for htc vive. but nobody wants to announce an actual price yet. that to me means they are still testing the reaction.

Ron_Danger1215d ago

"steam should be trying to get half life 3 ready for htc vive."

Just posted:

Volkama1215d ago

It wouldn't be too smart building a rig specifically for VR at this point in time, even if you did know the price, release date, and optional colours of the straps and trimmings.

Wait until nearer the time, just in case you are allergic to the colours.

ScorpiusX1215d ago

If I can get me an Oculus ready PC for a grand am willing to give Rift a chance . Can't wait

Brotard1215d ago

I think if Sony wants to compete they should probably make a program that shows "play station vr" ready ps4's............... Cause they are all so expensive and I just don't know which one to get!

ScorpiusX1215d ago

From what I have read , PSVR is more Playstation oriented.
am looking for more than just games, that why this PC capable article caught my eye.

Brotard1214d ago

Haha yeah PlayStation vr is exclusive to PlayStation it was just a joke!

traumadisaster1215d ago

This is going to flop the biggest flop! Wow, how many normal people will pull out 4 $100 bills plus a ps4?

All of us tech nuts will but that's like 3% and we buy everything anyway.

I like the guy who says "this will be a new level of gaming." And I say I heard that before with ps eye, 3dtv(twice), Kinect, move, kniect x1. Yes, I buy all of this stuff, but I know it's unrealized.

Bolts1215d ago

Yeah Bluray will flop too. How many people will put out $2000 for 1080p TV and a $400 Bluray player?

Dark_Vendetta1215d ago

Are you really comparing Bluray/TVs with a VR headset :D?
And yes I agree traumadisaster, I'll def. buy one, but I don't think it's going to be accepted on the mass market. It just looks too "nerdy" for the average guy, and might probably be too expensive as well.

traumadisaster1215d ago

TV's have had mass appeal for decades. worst example ever.

home video has had mass appeal for decades...again awful example.

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

Agreed. Many of you don't get his comparison, its due to TIME! That hardware will get cheaper and cheaper over time.

One can't guess how something will do in the future based on its price TODAY! Remember when having MB in your computer as ram was the BUSINESS! lol

Cost a lot huh, could one not state that MOST computers in the future won't have such ram due to its PRICE TODAY?

ABizzel11212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Very few, neither was adopted on a mass market level until both had those prices were cut in half, and Blu Ray succeeded because of the PS3 being a Blu Ray player by default.

There's a reason why you see floods of people running into Wal-Mart / Target / BestBuy / etc... on Black Friday trying to get those cheap $100 - $300 HDTV's, because PRICE > Technology when it comes to the mass market.

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JonnyBigBoss1215d ago

The only people who are skeptical like you are those who haven't used virtual reality. It's so beyond comprehension. I would take out a $1500 loan to make it happen.

traumadisaster1215d ago

are you talkin to me...I own all that sheet, plus a gtx titan way back...$1000. I buy it all brutha. Also have a note4 and gear VR day 1 my son.

I pay caaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!
eat it

Volkama1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

That's cool, the PS4 is also under $1000 so that means the 2 options are just about more-or-less approximately exactly the same price.

uptownsoul1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

1) I doubt anybody will get a $400-$500 PC to work with Rift (which is what the PC would have cost in order to equal the price of the PS4 VR experience)

2) "just about more-or-less approximately exactly the same price" -- I'm pretty sure "just about", "more-or-less" & "approximately" don't match up with "exactly"

Volkama1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I never said that. I simply said it was just about more-or-less approximately vaguely precisely the exact same, but I said nothing about swimming.


uptownsoul1215d ago


"but I said nothing about swimming." -- NOBODY said anything about swimming.

"I simply said it was just about more-or-less approximately vaguely precisely the exact same" -- And I simply said No, the PS4 VR experience and PC/Rift experience will not be near the same price

Volkama1215d ago

Hmmm you might want to read that again.

uptownsoul1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Hmmm you might want to stop making things up...Unless you can directly quote when I said anything about "swimming"

On Topic: The PS4 VR experience won't cost "just about" as much as the PC/Rift experience...

The PS4 VR experience won't cost "more-or-less" as much as the PC/Rift experience...

The PS4 VR experience won't cost "approximately" as much as the PC/Rift experience

_-EDMIX-_1215d ago

Volk- is actually correct on that. " just about more-or-less"

I mean...yes. 1k for the PC, 300 or so for the OR.

400 for the PS4 ,PS VR could be $300, or it could be $400 so its very likely less with console.

I can't see the PS4 option being more then the PC optio. But you are right, you did say "more or less" and we don't really now the price of either.

OR states at least $300, Sony is saying the price of a console, who knows. But I don't think PS VR will be $700 though.

Even then its still actually the cheaper set up.

fishy11215d ago

You really think a PS4, PS VR, a PS camera, 2 move controllers will really only be 400-500$?
Volkma is correct, it will be closer to 1k for the complete PS VR experience. 800$ at the cheap side for Everything needed. They already showed that with the games they had at TGS it will need the camera and 2 move controllers.

Volkama1215d ago

Hey man, if anyone knows what has been said then it is definitely you. After all, if you are following closely then you have read these comments approximately exactly two more times than I have.

I don't get why you keep trying to turn the conversation round to who said what about swimming. This is a gaming forum :|

uptownsoul1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


The MOST EXPENSIVE the Sony VR experience is going to be is $900. While the CHEAPEST the PC/Rift experience is going to be is $1100. Difference = $200 (3 AAA games)

PS4=$400, SonyVR=(AT MOST) $400, PS Move=$50, PS Camera=$50...Total Sony VR experience=$900 (AT MOST)

PC=lets say $800, Rift=(AT LEAST) $300...Total PC/Rift experience=$1100 (AT LEAST)

And never mind if that $800 PC has to be $1000 PC or if the Sony VR comes in at $300 or $350...That just increases the difference

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Pandamobile1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

PSVR is going to be a fun entry level VR experience, but there's a reason you need a $1000 PC to run VR content optimally. VR requires an immense amount of pixel pushing power.

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