10 Awesome Things To Do With a PlayStation Camera

PS4Home: "While it’s not a required accessory for most of the console’s functions, there are some cool things you can’t do without it."

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badboyz091211d ago

We know what you do all day,

XisThatKid1211d ago

I use mine for headset less mic. I don't like headsets and like my chat audio coming from my projector or speakers so the camera was a early purchase for me. My daughter loves the ar bots.

bouzebbal1211d ago

none of these features excites me, except Move games but the problem is that they don't exist on PS4.

Hands-Free Navigation
By using the facial recognition and voice command software, you can essentially go through the home menu without touching the controller. The system will sign you in automatically with facial recognition, and you can open apps and start a game using voice commands. You don’t need to use the controller for very much outside of actually playing games.

This is the most stupid thing imo.. you navigate without touching the controller then you ask the PS to start the game then what? a Physical controller is essential.. you can't escape it.

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refocusedman1211d ago

I wish there was a app like eye create. You could record and edit anything that you wanted with it.

ThatArtGuy1211d ago

You can use Share Factory to edit video on the PS4.

Mr Logic1210d ago

You obviously never used Eyecreate. It was a PS3 app that just let's you mess around and record yourself and not games.

OP you can use the Playroom to achieve very similar stuff such as adding effects, mirroring, etc.

ThatArtGuy1210d ago

Eyecreate is sitting on my PS3, and wasn't overtly useful. Yes, it had its abilities, but isn't nearly as fleshed out as Share Factory using Playroom (also free).

Kurisu1211d ago

I'll probably get the camera at some point in the future, but right now I can't justify a purchase. Games!

S2Killinit1211d ago

The camera was made in anticipation of PSVR. I got mine just in case it becomes scarse when VR hits. Although i think PSVR will launch with a camera bundle.

Kurisu1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It needs to launch with a bundle. If the camera + PSVR + PS Move are all sold separately then the entry point to VR on PS4 will be pretty extortionate and could end up confusing consumers.

S2Killinit1210d ago

Yes. Agreed. I think they will have it both bundled and unbundled for those who already have a camera.

FoxyGotGame1211d ago

I think I can think of a few that aren't on the list...but I mainly use mine for streaming/commentary my games ;/

samchez771211d ago

And just like Kinect, these features are nice to have but I wouldn't use any of them outside of the novelty aspect.

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